Services Offered

Traditional Funeral Service

In what has come to be known as a traditional funeral service, the body of the deceased is present during the visitation period (also referred to as viewing or wake). The casket may be open or closed, depending on family preference or specific circumstances. Usually, a religious service would occur either during the visitation period at the funeral home or at a church or house of worship immediately following.

Cremation Service

Although cremation is considered a final disposition such as burial, it is offered as another type of service, in that either a traditional or memorial service may still be arranged. If the cremation takes place immediately, a memorial service may be arranged or if a traditional funeral is desired, cremation would follow after the visitation at the funeral home or religious service.

Memorial or Tribute Service

During this type of service, the body of the deceased is not present. Burial or cremation may have already taken place. We can help arrange a memorial service, usually at the funeral home, that will be specific to the deceased's life. Photos and perhaps personal items of the deceased may be displayed along with selections of special music. A memorial service gives family and friends a time to come together and celebrate a life.

Direct Burial / Direct Cremation

This occurs when no formal visitation at the funeral home is desired. The body of the deceased is taken to the funeral home from the place of death and is either buried or cremated without visitation or religious service. A memorial service may still be arranged afterward.

Graveside Service

A graveside service would include burial or entombment of the body or cremains without prior visitation, with a religious or prayer service occurring at the time of committal.