Robert Leach
Born: 09/21/2016
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Robert Leach

Bob Leach of Jersey City, passed away on September 21, 2016 at Green Acres Manor in Toms River, NJ.  He was 78.

A true native son of Jersey City, Bob was a vast font of historical knowledge on the history and folklore of Jersey City.  Knowledge he shared and imparted through storytelling throughout libraries and at various events all over the city and the state. He had a true gift- keeping the listener engaged and excited to learn.  It was a gift that he shared so tirelessly over the years ensuring that Jersey City's vast cultural and historical past was maintained in the present.

Bob was the Director of the Jersey City Historical Project, a unit of the Jersey City Division of Cultural Affairs.  He worked relentlessly over the years at the Jersey City Library to insure that all the documents and the history of storytelling folklore of Jersey City was kept alive for generations to come.

Bob was instrumental in locating documents proving Jersey City's ownership of the historic Peter Stuyvesant monument.  He was honored by the Jersey City Landmarks Conservancy in 2009 for his invaluable contributions to conserving Jersey City's oral history.

Visitation will be at McLaughlin Funeral Home, 625 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City on Saturday from 10:00- 11:00am.  There will a a funeral service at the funeral home at 11:00am followed by Interment at the Jersey City and Harsimus Cemetery  on Newark Avenue.  All are welcome to attend.

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Here are some special memories shared by family and friends.
I think often about Jersey CIty's own Bob Leach. He's been on my mind as the summer wore on. There was not much Bob didn't know about J.C. His gentle wisdom was always heartening, his enthusiasm and good-will self evident to all. We'll not soon see a man of his warmth, sincerity and gusto. I miss him already. Respectfully, Chuck Carol former JCPE # 246 President and ADA Rep. for J.C.
I remember meeting Mr. Leach years ago as a teenager. He had a keen interest in historical events and was very knowledgeable. I am so sorry to hear about him passing away. He was a true native of Jersey City and a good man.
Linda DeGise Kotowski
I remember Bob when I worked at the JC Public Library. We had many talks about the history of Ireland, Jersey City and the telling of stories. I have several of his books of stories. Bob preserved the memory of the past for the Jersey City of the future.
Michael R. Heydenburg
I served with Bob on the Jersey City Public Library board. He knew all about the city and its players. Rest in piece. I will lift a glass to you!
Julie Berger
It was always a pleasure to speak to Bob. He was a fountain of knowledge and so receptive. We shared many good stories together. He helped me as a student, teacher, administrator and professor. I could always count on him. He had a heart of gold and was always willing to share and impart his knowledge. He was part of us, a true Jersey City son. May he rest in peace.
Angelo Estrada
Bob Leach's love of the ways of Jersey City and the colorful figures of its past was deep and his memory was long. He was a generous guide to his favorite subject and it was a privilege to work with him in the last years of his long service to the city he loved so well, and which loves him in return. His research, writings and recordings will live on but his embodiment of the spirit of Jersey City is a loss that will long be keenly felt. He was one of a kind. Thanks, Bob, and Godspeed until we meet again.
John Beekman
Bob was good friend and great writer. He loved history,Irish culture and Jersey City. He really loved the history that shaped the city of Jersey City going back through the ages. He particularly loved and wrote about all the stories he heard and created about the famous mayor Frank Hague and the working class Irish citizens. His book Saloon Stories is a fantastic look at a time before tv and radio when the working class people would congregate at the local watering hole for social interaction and all the characters that would be there to entertain the people with their songs, stories and activities... He has videos on youtube and many of his short stories were also published... A favorite of mine is " the Parade of the Shanty Town Dead" - a fantastic read Love you Bob
Jimmy Kelly
Jersey City will truly miss this great man of historical knowledge. I know you are resting in peace. Make the angels laugh like you made us. Love you always Parker
RAMurphy aka Parker
Sosadthelostofthisgreatstoryteller.ivelistentohimevery timehewasoniwillmisshim.hopehisstorywillbeavalibleonaudioforsale.iwouldbuythemallsothaticanlistentothemoften
I did not know bob persoanally but loved hearing the stories of yesteryear, he was a Grat story teller. will miss hearing talk about jersey city RIP Bob @ Thanks for all the stories.
Maryann Mcgrath
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