Frank Mendez
Born: 12/31/1957
Died: 05/15/2016
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Frank Mendez

Frank Mendez, long time Jersey City resident, passed away peacefully, on Sunday, May 15, 2016, at the age of 58.  Frank was born in Union City and has resided in Jersey City for thirty years.  He was employed by Local 32 BJ in Concierge Services for the Vanderbilt Condominiums in New York City.

Frank is survived by his devoted son, Frank A. Mendez; his loving parents, Concepcion and Francisco Mendez; siblings, Shirley Bonaccorso-Jean, Rosie Tagle and Danny Mendez; nephew Nicholas and niece Michele Bonaccorso, as well as other nieces, nephews and friends.

Visitation will be held at McLaughlin Funeral Home on Wednesday and Thursday, May 18 and 19, 2016, from 4 to 8 PM.

Cremation will be held privately.   

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Here are some special memories shared by family and friends.
My dearest friend,my partner for dancing, my lets have fun partner, who always made me laugh, no matter what I was feeling or you, we managed to laugh, your in Gods kingdom now with no suffering anymore,dance now forever that was your passion!!!! I will miss you forever till we meet again!! Love you my friend!
Mary Cosme and Michael Lechner
Frankie, We do I start I've know you for 32 years and not only were you my mother's friend you became mine and my kids friend. I had you sign many years ago adoption papers and you became my adopted father. I remember when I gave it to you the look on your friend was so suprised that I considered you a father figure and how happy you were to sign them. I told you" now we are forever bonded since you were my dad". You said to me that you were more then ok with that. We had many escapades throughout my life from my exhusband, my brother and you making peanut butter and honey sandwiches and having my kids addicted to then still to this day. To driving to Foxes and dancing our butts off. THose time I will never forget. I hold you dear to my heart and ams so happy that this past birthday of mine you came to me celebrate with me and gave me the most beautiful necklace and jewlery box that I will treasure forever...just imagine after 32 years I finally received a present from Well Frankie my adopted dad where will I go now to pee my pants of laughter who will I turn too. I guess I have to look to the skies and imagine you in Heaven with my brother making everyone in Heaven pee themselves. God has brought you home I am glad I had all these years with you and I am glad my children got to know you. I will truly miss you please save a seat in between you and my brother for me when I get there. I love you always, your adopted daughter, Robin
RobinAnn Cosme
Daddy I'm reading all of our texts from your last days between us. Please help me be strong. I'm a mess. We picked up where we left off. We were back to just loving each other like always. Back to telling each other everything. Back to finding comedy in every situation. I'm hurting pop and I know you can see that. I just want to see you again that's all. You gave me life and I feel empty knowing that you've passed and that I can't just call you to vent to you anymore. I appreciate you talking to me and showing your face in my thoughts. You're energy remains with me. I'm a spitting image of you. I'm the life of the party, a free spirit and I bring everyone together. All things I learned from just watching you for my 29 years I've been here. I looked up to you my whole life and I know I told you all this in the past couple of months but I can't say it enough. Only you and I know how much we really loved each other. That feeling only me and you know of. The way you used to look at me when you told me you loved me as a kid and even as a man made me feel safe. I could look in your eyes and just know you would do anything for me and I never have and will never have that confidence in someone again. I'm still in shock over all this. We planned our next chapter in life and set up plans what we were going to do. I promised you if you got better id take you where ever you wanted to go and I can only imagine it now. I can't wait to get your ashes so I can talk to you at home and feel your presence everyday as if you were still here. Daddy I'll always be your baby boy. I wasn't asleep that day that I fell asleep in your bed with you in the hospital. I heard you telling the nurses I was your baby boy. Even as a man that made me feel like a kid again. I miss rubbing your scars on your back. You would close your eyes and for that 10 minutes you weren't in pain anymore. You closed your eyes and weren't in pain. That made me feel great dad that I could take away your pain just for even 10 minutes. I keep replaying all of our memories in my head. Sometimes I smile, sometimes I laugh, and than sometimes I cry. I know you see all this. Remember when you told me we were connected and you could feel when I was in pain? I could feel when you were in pain too and when you were happy. I'm going to sleep pop just wanted to leave this on here because it's 5AM and I'm up just thinking of you. I love you daddy, come to me and tell me what your new home up there is like. I know your decorating it to the max . I love you again dad ... Your son Frank Anthony
Frank Anthony
I would like to extend my heartfelt condolences to the family on the loss of your loved one. May God almighty, father of tender mercies and all comfort continue to strengthen you all (2 Corinthians 1:3,4). How eager we all are to see the fulfillment of Gods promise to completely remove death, tears, mourning, outcry and pain (Revelation 21:4). The Bible also provides assurance of the resurrection hope for our dead loved ones (John 5:25). May these promises from God bring you comfort. You can learn more about Gods purposes at
Zinne Suji
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