Helpful Information - What To Do When A Death Occurs

Death in a hospital or nursing care center

When a death occurs at a hospital or nursing home, you should inform the medical staff that McLaughlin Funeral Home is the funeral home who will take charge of the funeral arrangements. Upon notification from you to proceed, we will then be in contact with the facility with regard to transferring your loved one to our Funeral Home.

Death at home

If a death occurs at home and under the care of Hospice, proceed with the instructions Hospice has put in place for you when this occurs. Call the Hospice nurse to come to your home to make the pronouncement of death. You or Hospice may then call us and we will make the necessary arrangements to transfer your loved one to the Funeral Home. If the death is anticipated but Hospice is not in place, call 911 and inform the police that a death has occurred at home. They will instruct you as to the appropriate steps to be taken.

Unanticipated Death

In these situations, immediately call 911. The police and emergency medical personnel will direct you in determining the appropriate steps to be taken. In many cases, the Medical Examiner is able to release the body directly into our care. However, in some instances, the body may need to be taken to the Medical Examiner's office so that a cause of death can be determined.

Death out of state

If a death occurs outside of New Jersey, call us at any hour as we are available 24 hours a day. We will coordinate with a local funeral director at the place of death to have your loved one transferred to New Jersey. Also, should a death occur here and you wish to transfer the deceased to another state for burial, call us and we will make all the necessary arrangements for you.

Please feel at ease to call us at any time before a death occurs, to help you prepare and answer any preliminary questions that you may have.